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My name is Dr. Kimberly Gerbers and it is time that we talked about taking your healthcare beyond the walls of an office.

  • “Everyone has the potential to feel healthy, and I wanted to build a place that would be there for people every step of the way.”
    Dr. Kimberly Gerbers
    Founder of 3 Elements

Meet Kimberly Gerbers:

Dr. Kimberly Gerbers earned her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science, with minors in both Psychology and Biology, from Indiana University in 2003. She also received a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and her Doctor of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences in 2007. In addition to her doctorate degree, Dr. Gerbers graduated magna cum laude with her Masters Degree in Human Nutrition, and is currently pursuing her CCN, Diplomate Degree in Nutrition (DACBN), and Functional Medicine Certification after having taken more than 1000 hours of post-graduate Medical Nutrition and Functional Medicine courses.

She specializes in Chronic pain and Autoimmune conditions. Chronic pain comes in many shapes and sizes, often associated with depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain/loss, and thyroid disorders.  In addition to, she also works with infertility and women’s health, helping women find optimal health by balancing hormones and re-establishing a balanced endocrine system.

Patient-Centered Care

Results Oriented

Treat the Causes, Not the Symptom

Expert Medical Advice

Treatment Plans

Systems Biology Approach

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  1. Start by Defining the Goal

    The first step in treatment at 3 Elements begins with defining what your health goals are.

  2. Treatment for the Big Picture

    Treatment can take many forms. We'll sit down with you and decide together what makes the most sense to get you where you want to go.

  3. Prevention

    The best way to avoid a problem is to get ahead of it. We look beyond the visit to decide how you can keep moving forward.

Quality Care

Quality Healthcare starts with taking the time to listen. Patients should be more than a number and at 3 Elements we take pride in the time spent treating our patients. Dr. Kimberly Gerbers' approach delivers immediate pain relief and preventative care to keep you out doing what you love most.

The definition of health changes from person to person, so why should the treatment protocol be the same? We'll help you find solutions that make sense for you so you get maximum relief without wasted effort. 

Office Location:

217 Jamestown Park Rd
Ste 7
Brentwood, TN 37027

*Located Inside The Spine and Sport Rehabilitation, off of Virginia Way.

E: support@3ecw.com
Scheduling: 615.599.5333

Give us a call or reach out anytime, we would love to hear from you.

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