Created by Dr. Kimberly Gerbers, 3 Elements is a cutting edge Functional Medicine and chronic pain relief office located in Brentwood, TN.

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Why Choose Us?

Three Elements integrates chronic pain relief with cutting-edge functional medicine that confronts the underlying causes and cures for disease. We create individualized care programs that take into consideration multiple life variables such as lifestyle, environmental exposures, and personal genetics. It’s time your healthcare went beyond the walls of an office.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is the practice of treating the human body and its functions as a single entity in order to address how and why chronic pain and illness occur. This allows us to treat single conditions causing multiple system imbalances as well as single imbalances caused by multiple conditions.  

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Nutrition practices are the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Individualized coaching and lab testing allow clients to address existing concerns and prevent inflammation and oxidation, the contributing factors of many diseases. Our treatment approach allows us to attack the underlying cause from multiple angles.

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Chronic Pain Care

Finding a chiropractor or physical therapist that understands your needs can be difficult. We combine chiropractic care with soft tissue therapies to provide immediate pain relief and preventative care. We are dedicated to making sure clients quickly see results, while still tending to a busy and active lifestyle.

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  • Lower Back Pain Relief
    3 Elements operates on an entirely different level than other offices I've seen. I finally learned that my health doesn't live inside a vacuum, and Dr. Gerbers' integrative and teamwork approach has allowed me to feel like I have a medical team that is on the same page.
    Doug B.
    Nashville, TN
  • Shoulder Pain & Traction Therapy
    I was looking for a chiropractor in the Nashville and Franklin, TN area that would take the time to really listen and work with me. Dr. Gerbers and her team have been absolutely wonderful, never once have I felt like just a number.
    Susan N.
    Brentwood, TN
  • Neck Pain - Chiropractic Adjustment
    You will be astounded at how knowledgeable Dr. Gerbers is in regards to health and wellness. She is my go to health guru and I would highly recommend 3 Elements.
    Kristin H.
    Nashville, TN
  • Graston Technique
    I had a shoulder replacement that didn’t heal correctly, but Dr. Gerbers worked with me and actually found a fracture that had been missed. She referred me to a great team of orthopedics and worked closely with them to repair my shoulder. It’s the first time in many years I’ve been pain free.
    Ron G.
    Franklin, TN

Patient Centered Care

All too often the same treatment plan gets applied to a patient regardless of their individual needs. Our goal is to understand the patient in context and develop a patient-centered and directed treatment plan to address their immediate needs and goals. You are one of a kind, it's time your care reflected that.  

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